When you’re creating a new website content really is king.

Ensuring your website not only looks great and is easy to navigate is not enough…you must have great content as well or you won’t be found on the search engines.

Not only that but to ensure people keep coming back to your website or blog you need to keep the content fresh and informative.

Now you can do this a few ways….The first is writing your own content, spending hours on end creating new content yourself, which is not only very tiring but unless you love writing content and have a good knowledge of how to search engine optimize your text as you write, you will probably get sick of this quickly and also still not get the results on the search engines, or the visitor numbers you’d like.

The reason most blogs fail within the first 8 months is due to lack of content being added, keeping the site ‘alive’.

The second way to quickly produce content for your website is with PLR articles.PLR stands for Private Label Rights, and this is where content is already written about products or services which relate to your business or website and the author charges a small fee to give you the rights to republish the content on your own website. Sometimes the Rights to the articles even include you re-authoring the content and even naming yourself as the author of the article.

This can provide you with a lot of credibility on a particular subject and brand you as an expert in your particular field very quickly without having to go to the trouble of actually writing the article yourself.

Always make sure the content you add is not simply taken from someone else’s website. Always make sure you purchase the content and have the rights to use it otherwise you can be in big trouble for copyright infringement, which is a very serious crime, even online, and you could find yourself in hot water!


Now, there is an upside and downside to using PLR content.. the upside is obviously it will save you hours of creating fresh content and save a lot of hassle if writing isn’t your strong point.
The downside though is that the content may already have been purchased by a number of people who are also using it on their own websites and blogs, which leads to the issue of duplicate content on the web.
Search engines (google in particular) are not fond of duplicate content and can penalize you for this method, dropping you from the search engines, which can be very hard to recover from.

The ideal solution is to sign up with a Private Label Rights article service which allows you to author the content with the articles you purchase and then edit them yourself so that they have been radically changed to be original content.

This still takes some time, but much quicker than writing the articles yourself, and the content will usually still be full of search engine ‘goodness’ to achieve a great ranking.

If the content is original you can also then submit to article directories such as ArticleCity.com or ArticleBase.comand add a signature link back to your website or blog which will generate a lot of traffic for you.

Article directory websites usually won’t post content if it is not original.

Some of the best PLR reference sites I recommend are Indigital Works and Mark Nathawani’s PLR & Resell Rights Warehouse.

Both offer high-quality Private Label Rights to a huge selection of ebooks, and content specific articles for almost every possible niche, from making money online, diet and health, to even miniature trains!
You will be guaranteed to fine a pile of articles suited for your website and blog to really get your site ranking and attracting the visitor numbers you want.

A full list of articles available on each site is available before you sign up.

So grab your PLR content and start populating your website to success!

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