How To Make Money Online With Facebook

Facebook as we all know is the most populous and largest social network. In fact, if Facebook is considered to be a country, it would be the third largest country after China and India as at the time of publishing this article. Therefore, can you imagine the potentials Facebook has got for you and how you can make money from Facebook?

There are lots of opportunities out there on how to make money using Facebook only that people are not yet prone or would I rather say have not discovered this secret. I will guide you using this article on how to make money on Facebook, I might not necessarily teach you a number of steps to make money using this social network, but I will give you guidelines that would open your minds to the numerous ideas to make money online with your Facebook account.

make-money-online-using-facebook How To Make Money Online With Facebook

Making Money Online On Facebook

This is for those who are quite active on Facebook and have made lots of friends already, it won’t be difficult to make some extra bucks using Facebook if you fall into this category.

Ways To Make Money Using Facebook

1. Find An Affiliate Program To Promote

There are lots of programs out there that would pay you for referring people to buy their products. Search for such programs, make sure their products are items that can be easily purchased by your Facebook friends, then register an account with them. You would be given a custom affiliate link which you have to promote.

Now promote this link to your Facebook friends telling them how wonderful the product is, if you end up getting some of your friends into buying the product, the affiliate program pays you a certain percentage of the overall sales you made. This is a cool way I make money on Facebook with. One example of such a program is the Amazon Affiliate Program.

2. Make Money Selling Your E-Book

Everyone out there wants to get informed, and if you are a good writer, you can tap into this cool aspect and make your money on Facebook. Try finding solutions to problems you think bother people, write a guide to solve it in form of an eBook, then create a sales page for it, (You can use blogger if you do not want to spend much money on hosting). Then promote your eBook on Facebook to your friends. If the title is appealing, you would get reasonable attention to your E-book.

You can give out some copies free to some authorities in that and ask for their reviews, place their reviews and name s on your sales page, this is a nice way to convincing people into buying your Ebook and it works for me. I make money selling eBooks on my Facebook page.

The above mentioned ways are a few ways to make money on Facebook as I promised to teach you, now I guess you understand the whole concept of making money using your Facebook account. All you have to do is sale something to your friends, something you know would really interest them.

You can come up with amazing ideas of what and how to make money on Facebook. Think out of the box and you’ll be shocked at the fortune you can make. See you at the top as you make money online on Facebook.

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