How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog


Every blogger wishes to drive that insane traffic to their blog. They might have different reasons why they need to increase traffic to their blogs, but it all points to the simple fact that if you wish to become a successful blogger, you definitely need the traffic to crave a name for yourself and also make money off your blogging career. Here are simple tips you can implement and start getting the website traffic you’ve always longed for instantly, and most of all, for free.
Increase-Blog-Traffic How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

1. Target an Audience that would share your Content

I always love to remind most bloggers concerning this, once you can write good articles, you can make use of commenting on other top blogs, promoting the post using hashtags on Twitter, asking your friends in the same niche to help you share the article on their various networks. Your post might go viral, gaining shares by lots of people thereby, in turn, driving traffic to your blog.

2. Make Use Of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, StumbleUpon

Social Networks are a great way to increase traffic or promote your blog. One thing about social networks is that they are free to join. Join at least this ones listed above, ask people to follow you and you also follow them too, join facebook groups related to your niche, make use of Twitter, hashtags, stumble and plus +1 your articles. This is one of the effective ways I drive traffic to my blog.

3. Optimize Your Blog to be SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is a must do a thing and should be at the top of your priority as a blogger. Study what your competitors are doing to rank well on Search Engines, find out where they have their backlinks, implement their strategies and one thing more, outdo what they’ve done and you would rank higher than they do. Search Engines generate a lot of free traffic once you can optimize your blog content.

4. Join Communities where your target audience meet

Join Forums, Communities and other places where you know your audience meet. Try helping them in solving their questions, this would make them trust you. Then you can link back to articles on your blog and they would be grateful you did. People who you’ve helped can, in turn, become your top visitors and subscribers to your blog.

5. Pay Attention to your Analytics and Stats

You can try out using Google Analytics, it works great for analyzing traffic to your blog. Find out searches that brought traffic from search engines to your blog, then write nice contents concerning the keyword, make keyword researches and you would in less than no time capture more traffic to your blog.

These are the Ways to Increase Traffic To Your Blog Instantly. Try them out.

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