How to maintain and Create a PBN

How to maintain and Create a PBN

With the introduction of WordPress, people started moving their sites to WordPress because it’s easy to use and maintain and anyone can use and learn it with little effort, it became the choice of bloggers and business  owners, now 30% sites on the web are using WordPress as a choice for displaying their business on the internet.

Many successful business owners are also using WordPress as a choice for building backlinks to their money sites to out beat their competitors, in this article we will be showing you how you can also use WordPress for link building and how you can avoid footprints.

Here are the steps we are going to explain in more detail:

  1. How to create Unique Email Addresses for each domain
  2. Register the Domain Name and attach the newly created email address
  3. Add newly purchased expired domain to the Hosting Account
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Adding random Theme & Plugins
  6. Creating essential pages
  7. Change Settings
  8. Tracking the PBN

1) How to create Unique Email Addresses for each domain

PBN creation cost money and time so it’s very important to avoid as many footprints as you can, registering domains with the same owner name and with the same email is a big footprint, to avoid this footprint we need to create new email ID’s as you will be pretending that all domains belong to different persons, you can create new emails yourself or you can buy them at in bulk of 15-20 for only $5 which will save your time and hassle.

footprints How to maintain and Create a PBN

2) Register the Domain Name and attach the newly created email address

 After getting emails, search for good expired domain and register it, of course you will register your new domain with your credit card/PayPal or any other method, so you might be thinking that if I am registering a new domain with my credit card and paying the company with my credit card or PayPal account then that domain will be on my name so what is the need for creating new email ID’s but the truth is that you will be pretending as the manager of the site and its totally legal to buy domains on behalf of your customers.

The process is like this

You buy domain on behalf of your customer and after buying domain you will go to control panel and then domain management and there you will change domain profiles there is one shortcut also you can buy whois privacy which will hide domain ownership details but it will cost you little extra money, if still unclear you can contact me and I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

3) Add newly purchased expired domain to the Hosting Account

We have already covered how to purchase hosting from a cheaply shared hosting provider and purchasing hosting from the service provider who offers C-class IP hosting, if you have not read it till now, you can read it at

Goto the hosting dashboard add the newly purchased domain to the hosting account, every hosting company have slightly different method of adding domain to the hosting account, after you add the domain to the hosting account you need to set the DNS (Domain Name Servers) , every domain registrar have different DNS, when you register domain, domain registrar usually send you an email which includes DNS settings along with another setting, please check that email and hopefully you will find DNS setting in the email, fill them up and now you are ready to install WordPress.

4) Install WordPress

Most hosting providers offer script installs via the cPanel. Most of the time they use Softaculous and sometimes Fantastico it’s easy and fast, if the hosting provider does not provide these methods then you have to manually install WordPress via FTP, this is a little bit tricky and time-consuming, you have to make database and download WordPress from and upload it through FTP.

network How to maintain and Create a PBN

5) Adding Theme & Plugins

Adding themes and plugin is easy but you have to be careful in selecting themes and plugin you need to install unique theme on every site, some PBN owner prefer to install full contents themes i.e. themes which display full contents on home page, they prefer this because they think it’s good for SEO and backlinking to money site.

There are few more consideration while installing plugins, every site should have the random plugin installed on it, few plugins that you must install on each domain are listed below

  1. SEO Yoast or Platinum SEO Pack or SEO Smart Links or SEO Ultimate or All in One SEO etc.
  2. Share Buttons by AddThis or Simple Share Buttons Adder or Social Media and Share Icons or Social Share Buttons by Supsystic or Sharify or Share Buttons etc
  3. Contact Form or Contact Form 7 or Fast Secure Contact Form or Clean and Simple Contact Form or Very Simple Contact Form or Contact Form by BestWebSoft etc.
  4. Bad Behavior or Brute Force Login Protection or Spider Blocker or Antispam Bee or Broken Link Checker or Advanced Invisible Anti-Spam etc.

In addition to the above, every site should have unique username; you can add this to user section through the dashboard.

One important thing is that you should make your site as legit as possible meaning that your site should look good and real. You can do all this yourself or hire VA through or through any other online hiring site, you can get cheap VA’s from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

6) Creating essential pages

Creating essential pages is a requirement from the Google and other search engines, here is a list of essential pages, which you can create through plugins and through online websites.

  1. About Us page ( you can create it manually)
  2. Contact Us page ( you can create it through the plugins mentioned above)
  3. Privacy Policy Page ( You can create it through plugins or by a website that offers to create Privacy Policy and Terms of services free)
  4. Terms of Services – TOS (Privacy Policy Page ( You can create it through plugins or by a website that offers to create Privacy Policy and Terms of services free)

7) Change Settings

There few more settings you should do while setting PBN, these are listed below

  1. Block all comments manually or through plugins
  2. Stop pingbacks and trackbacks
  3. A mixture of permalink structures
  4. A mix of full and excerpt blog posts

8) Tracking

You should record each and every detail about your PBN like Domain name, IP address and metrics, email, registrar and hosting details, Usernames, and passwords, domain Expiry dates, outbound links, content dates, money site details.

You can make an excel file or Google sheet to record all this information.

Best ways to avoid PBN Footprints

Best ways to avoid PBN Footprints

PBN hosting is one of the most important areas where you need to pay a lot of attention and time as well planned hosting helps you to avoid footprints and many people who want to rank their money sites usually make mistake in this area, and their mistake cost them loss of money and time, it is very important to host PBN on separate IP addresses moreover IP address should be of C-Class  because if all of your domains are on the same IP address it may means that all of the domains are owned by a single person and can be a big footprint. The most important role of the IP addresses is to minimize the footprint of any network.

It’s important for your PBN to have different IP address, if you host your PBNs on different hosts, read more information about PBN (Private Blog Network) at, there are fewer chances of your network to be detected, your domains should be hosted with different C Block IP address, let’s study this by example.

IP addresses have 4 blocks A, B, C, and D like


In the example above CCC is the block that you need different every time when you host the domain, there are hosting services like hostnine which allow you to host your domains on different C-Class IP addresses moreover they also give you the option to host your domains at different locations, for example, they give you the option to host your domain at a server placed at Singapore, New York, and few more locations.

Example of the Same C Block

These IP addresses are on the same C Block and this is NOT good for a PBN:

Example of Different C Block

These IP addresses are on different C Blocks and this is good for a PBN:

PBN-footprints Best ways to avoid PBN Footprints

How to Obtain Unique C Block IPs

There are many options for obtaining C-class IP addresses, but you need to be extra careful because your network success will be dependent on this step, here are your main options:

      1. SEO Hosting – If you are thinking about taking hosting from companies which provide SEO hosting, do not think about getting hosting from these companies it’s really a Bad idea since SEO Hosting leaves a distinct footprint. SEO hosting may seem like a good choice to many people, but it is definitely the worst option. The SEO hosting companies target customers in the world of SEO.
      2. Cheap Hosting – it’s a better choice and can provide you C-class IP addresses but cheap hosting have very minimum backend support and if you stuck in certain problem they are not available, their servers are slow and you site loading and setup time can be slow also moreover when they become out of market they suffer loss and sometimes they cannot bear loss and closes there business and in this case you will lose your hard work and money. For small to medium sized PBNs Networks, cheap hosting can be the best option. It is actually cheap normally $1 – $2 per month per domain, there is no limit on buying minimum or a maximum number of domains. The downside is that setting up hosting can be time-consuming and you will also need some extra time for network management.
      3. Reseller Hosting Account – This is the Best option you can avail, re-seller hosting is usually bought by big companies, where the resell the hosting to millions of small individuals and organizations, so it’s difficult for Google and other search engines to guess whose domains are hosted on the servers, also on reseller hosting you can get different C-class IP addresses. With reseller hosting accounts you can :

a) Obtain unique IP addresses, usually on different C Blocks.

b) You often have the option install WordPress automatically.

c) Its fast as compared to cheap hosting, and good technical support.

d) It’s a great choice when you are planning to setup medium to large PBN network.

Then Which Hosting is the best

To summarize things

  1. Do NOT use SEO Hosting – it’s too risky.
  2. You can use cheap hosting ($1 – $2/month), especially for smaller networks but it has some drawbacks as explained above.
  3. The best choice is to mix the hosting accounts i.e. use reseller + cheap accounts for medium to large Private Blog Networks.

Sometime there are hosting companies offer hosting at a very low cost, these offers come on some special events like black Fridays etc. Here is the List of Cheap Hosting Companies that you can use


The above mentioned host are mostly between $1 – $2 per month.

Recommended Reseller Accounts

HostNine Reseller

  • $19 per month, up to 100 domains, 1-year contract
  • 6 locations, Many C Blocks per location

Sources for Findind Expired Domains

Sources for Find Expired Domains

Here are some brokers from where you can find good expired domains

Success of any PBN networks is mostly dependent on the quality of expired domains if you have a good quality expired domains PBN network then you can rank any site within few weeks, to make this process more easy for you, we have gathered some of the best resources from your you can get quality expired domains with little effort. is a great resource for finding quality expired domains for free, here you can find expired domains that are free to register, you just have to make a free accounts and then can start searching expired domains, on this network you can find expired domains that can be registered instantly, you can also find domains that are going to expire within few days in this case you can buy expiring domains at GoDaddy auctions.

With you can easily do the following

  • Filter out the Fake PageRanks & and can give PageRank number in the Common Filter tab.
  • You can filter out the expired domains by an authority by using the PA, DA criteria.

Pros: Its Free and have good filtering options.
Cons: It has some drawbacks like lots of spammy domains come in search results and its also time-consuming.

expired-domains1 Sources for Findind Expired Domains is another great website for finding expired domains for free, this website provides a list of the domain names that will be expiring in the next 24 hours at GoDaddy Auctions. You can also see the domains that are available to “buy now.”

Here are the sorting criteria that you can perform in moonsy filtering options.

  • Sorting by DA
  • Sorting by Moz Backlinks which can be used for domains that have a good number of backlinks profiles are normally good domains and if you can filter domains by the number of backlinks it has then you can definitely some time in finding good expired domains.

Pros: With moonsy you have the ability to quickly sort the domains you can also see expired domains at auction sites and expired domains to buy now, and the list is updated several times a minute.

Cons: have few filtering options and it’s hard to find niche relevant

TB Solutions is a domain broker that specializes in providing high-quality domains but the quality comes with a price, expired domains at tbsolutions are costly but it’s one of the fastest ways to get domains and it’s also one of best ways to get high authority domains. It has some pros and cons too like

Pros: It can provide highest quality domains and also discount are available.
Cons: Barrier to entry, high prices.

Here are some more tools for finding expired domains that you can try.

  4. Domain ReAnimator
  5. Domcop

Properties of good expired domains

Properties of good expired domains

Expired domains are the most important thing towards building Private Blog Networks, it is very important that you build your PBN network on strong expired domains, good expired domains should have the following properties

  • A large number of existing backlink profiles, expired domain which has backlinks from high authority sites like,, .gov, .edu are considered to be good as getting backlinks from these type of sites is difficult, you should also check backlinks coming to your expired in deeply, if the backlinks are coming from true high authority sites and these backlinks are do-follow links then expired domain under analysis is worth buying.
  • Age: Expire domain should have some age minimum 3 years.
  • High authority: high authority means expired domain should have good TF, CF, DA, and PA

expired_domain_metric Properties of good expired domains

There are few things that you must avoid while choosing expired domains

  • Spammy Backlinks: means links coming from foreign language sites like the Chinese language etc.
  • You should avoid domains with the evidence of spam sites like adults, pharmaceuticals or gambling sites.

Properties of Clean Expired Domains

Clean domains have following properties

  • Backlink coming from true original sites, true original site means that they are providing useful information to their visitors.
  • The Expired domain should look like a real site and it has not been used as PBN in the past.
  • Backlinks coming from clean and pure reputable websites

The type of domains that we need is not easy to find. So, we need to spend some on learning few tools which help in finding expired domains, some of them are paid and some are free, if you can afford paid expired domains searching tools that are always better as they run on autopilot, you only need to give them some input values and the rest is done by these software’s, whereas in the free version you need to do the hard work yourself.

Here is the list of some paid and free expired domain searching tools for your consideration.

  • (Free)
  • (free)
  • Domain Re-Animator (Paid)

What is a Private Blog Network?

What is a Private Blog Network?

A Private Blog Network or PBN is a network of websites that are usually built from high authority expired domains. PBN’s are used for link building to money site in a controlled manner, as backlinks play the main role in increasing the authority of money site or main site, money sites achieve good ranking in Google if it has a good number of backlinks, more backlinks means good site ranking.

Why are PBNs so Powerful?

PBNs are tremendously powerful for link building because:

  1. As PBNs are built on expired domains that have a HIGH authority i.e. high Trust flow, Citation flow, good DA, and PA. Google love backlinks from high authority websites as more valuable than low authority websites. For example, a link from a high authority website like,, .gov and .edu have more value in Google’s search algorithm.
  2. Another advantage of PBNs is that they allow you to fully control the backlinks to your main site that you would like to rank. You can add link from PBN to your money site whenever you like, you can always increase the power of PBNs by web 2.0 properties, we going to discuss web 2.0 in another article but for now web 2.0 properties are at third tier and PBNs are on the 2nd tier, PBN network is built in three tier on tier one is the money site that you want to rank, PBNs are in the second tier and web 2.0’s are on the third tier, this approach is adopted to avoid footprints, moreover PBNs are hosted at different hosts to avoid footprints.
  3. As you know that there has been number in Google algorithm over the last few years, and Google can change the search algorithm at any time without any notice which can have a huge impact on your site ranking, moreover the owner of the website from where you are getting links to your money site can remove the backlink to your money site without any reason and in this situation your site ranking will drop and you have no choice left to get backlink again. If you have the ability to control your backlinks this can be a big advantage.
  4. TrustRank is a measure of how much value Google has for your money site, if you have a link from or any high authority .govt or .edu site that link is very valuable, people adopt many different methods to get a link from these type of high authority sites like some people offer educational sponsorships and request educational and govt organizations to place a sponsorship add with a do-follow link to the sponsoring website.

Marketing-Communications1 What is a Private Blog Network?


There are some risks that you must consider with PBNs.

  1. Your network could be detected by Google and if this happens your all network can be deindexed. Then, the authority of the backlinks to your money site will be lost.
  2. There are some tools e.g. ahrefs, majestic, Moz etc by which your competitor can look at the backlinks coming to your money sites. The competitor can also discover your other money sites, although it takes some effort at the competitors end to discover your money sites and PBNs there are solutions to avoid this and we will discuss them in more detail in an another.
  3. Google updates their algorithm to devalue any historical authority for expired domains but Google loves good contents and good designs because Google wants that high-value contents and good information can reach to people.

Other Considerations

There are additional tasks that are related to creating a PBN of your own.

  1. Time – It takes a considerable amount of time to start and maintain a PBN, people usually hire virtual assistants to save time and now virtual assistant is easily available on, fiver and other online hiring sites at a very cost.
  2. Costs – Similar to the time aspect there are several items to take into account for the cost of purchasing domains, purchasing hosting and buying good contents.
  3. Management – Managing a PBN is also not easy, you must be able to keep maintain records about each domain, it’s hosting, IP address, backlinks and other details.

What about the Benefits?

There are a number of benefits for maintaining PBNs, we have discussed few above and we are going to discuss more here.

  1. PBNs make your money site ranking very fast.
  2. You can control links coming to your money site.
  3. You can beat your competitors ranking in few weeks.
  4. No outreach relation building, you do not have to spend time asking another website owner to give you backlinks.
  5. More high converting traffic