Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools

Do you want to optimize your WordPress site for Search Engines? What are the best SEO plugins for any WordPress site? Being on top of Search Engine ranking is one of the main aim for any website owner, if you are on the top of the Search engine, you will receive more traffic and more traffic means more business, for this you need to optimize your site for search engines, there are many methods to optimize the site which include on-page and off-page site optimization.

How to Increase Site Ranking

There are a lot of SEO companies and individuals who can help in your site ranking but if you are low on the budget you can try few things yourself and there are a lot of tools and plugins that can help you in bringing organic traffic, “Organic Traffic” means those websites which are listed below the paid results, when you search anything on Google, you will see top 3 results are the paid search results, Google put a small icon beside them so searchers know they are paid results here is a screenshot.

Paid-results Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools


Below these paid results are the Organic Search Results here is a screenshot.

Organic-Results Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools

To get good Organic Traffic, you need to ensure that when someone searches your keyword your website is found in the top search results, specifically the top three pages because its human nature that they do not look beyond top five pages


Because user only trusts websites that are shown in the top results, moreover they do not have time to search more results.

How To Select A Good WordPress SEO Plugin

Simple rules for selecting Good SEO plugin for your website are

Good Number of Review and Rating

The best SEO plugins will have a good number of reviews and rating, people who use SEO plugins on their sites usually give their feedback and rate them according to their experience, see screenshot below

plugin-rating Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools

In the screenshot above you can see that Yoast SEO have 5 start rating and 1+ million Active installations and is updated 3 days ago and it also shows compatibility with the WordPress, this means it’s a good plugin because it has a good rating and lot of active installation.


Good plugin always have detailed documentation so that user of the plugin can easily install and configure it, documentation can be in the form of video or text with sported images, most good SEO plugins have a dashboard and in the dashboard, each field has self-explanatory tooltips, which make it easy to configure.

Good Customer Support

Best SEO plugins have provided customer support, free version provide support in the form of email and forum support where there post Question and Answers related to plugin issues and possible solutions, whereas paid version provides online support.

Regular Updates

Another factor you can consider while selecting Good SEO plugin is, how often this plugin is updated, you can see in the figure above that SEO Yoast has been updated 3 days back.

Here is the list of Good SEO plugins that you can install on your WordPress Site as we have already analyzed for you.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

SEO Yoast is one of the best plugins and every website owner must install it, it has five start rating, over one million active installations and is updated on regular basis, it makes your life easy, it not only improves your site ranking it also take care of SEO technical optimization very easy and come with a wide variety of features, your read more about it at

Breadcrumb NavXT

Breadcrumb NavXT, the successor to the popular WordPress plugin Breadcrumb Navigation XT, was written from the ground up to be better than its ancestor. This plugin generates locational breadcrumb trails for your WordPress powered blog or website. These breadcrumb trails are highly customizable to suit the needs of just about any website running WordPress, read more information about it by clicking here
Meta Tag and Title Tag: Lets you control which pages you want to be shown in the search results.

Site SEO Analysis:

This is amazing too for contents length, it gives you focus keyword details, Meta Description of your contents and it shows site ranking.

Code Snippets

An easy, clean and simple way to add code snippets to your site.

Social Media and Share Icons (Ultimate Social Media)

Easy to use and 100% FREE social media plugin which adds social media icons to your website with tons of customization features!

XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are an easy way to tell Google about the pages that are available on your website, it helps crawler to index your pages quickly, this plugin generates XML site of your website and notifies the search engines about your site pages.

Broken Link Checker

Broken links are bad for your website and it is always very hard to check each and every link on your website this plugin helps you identify your website broken links

SEO Optimized Images

SEO success depends upon image optimization, optimized images helps a lot in in your site ranking, optimized images reduce your site load time, search engine rank site better in Google search results which have low site load time, site load time should be under 3, this plugin optimize your images including alt and title tags, this plugin automatically adds SEO friendly alt and title tags to your images

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.


Loginizer is a WordPress plugin which helps you fight against bruteforce attack by blocking login for the IP after it reaches maximum retries allowed. You can blacklist or whitelist IPs for login using Loginizer.

Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails

Small and fast plugin to display in the sidebar a list of linked titles and thumbnails of the most recent postings

Backlinks Saver

Based on the greatly useful but long outdated plugin “Link Juice Keeper”, this helps you save the link juice from existing backlinks to non-existent pages on your site by redirecting them to the home page with 301 status code.

W3 Total Cache (Free/Paid) – Speed Optimization

This plugin improves both the user experience and SEO of your website by decreasing the download time as well as improving the website performance through CDN integration.

Website ranking also depends on the number of quality backlinks towards your money site, SEO companies adapt differnent methods to get quaility backlinks.

How to Find Old but Useful Contents for Private Blog Networks

The success of Private Blog Network websites heavily depends on its contents, good and unique contents are always welcomed by search engines, but content writing needs a lot of knowledge and its also time-consuming, if you sublet the task of content writing to a good writer it can cost you a lot of money, a good way to find free contents is from way back machine i.e.

How to Use Contents

There are many websites with good contents but their owners were unable to continue there website for one or another reason and they let their domains get expired, you can use those contents from these expired domains and we are going to explain this in detail in this topic, one risk of using contents from the wayback machine is that the contents still belong to the owner and he or she can claim the contents anytime, but its OK because when he or she claims the contents, you can always remove the contents from your Private Blog Networks, but it happens rarely.

How to find the contents

First of all you need to choose a keyword about which you want to mine contents for Private Blog Networks from the Wayback machine e.g. if your website is then your keyword must be weight loss, weight loss tips, weight loss training, weight loss foods, natural weight loss technique, fat kill foods, lose fat, fat killer fruit Etc, after selecting your keyword Go to then

  • Create an account for Free at
  • Login to the newly created account
  • Put your desired keyword to find an article in the search field then click Search.

* See the pic below

pic1 How to Find Old but Useful Contents for Private Blog Networks

Now select show filter above the expired domains list and select min ABY 2014 at common filter tab, now click additional filter and check Keywords = English, Domain List = Deleted Domain then hit Apply Filter See Picture below.

pic2 How to Find Old but Useful Contents for Private Blog Networks

Now you will see only domains which have to achieve contents at, click to age in domain row under ABY column, See picture below.

pic3 How to Find Old but Useful Contents for Private Blog Networks

Picture below shows how many times a domain has been achieved by

pic4 How to Find Old but Useful Contents for Private Blog Networks

Check all version of the site, and choose the best achieve contents. Before using achieved contents check them at, Copyscape is a paid service to check uniqueness of the content, if the contents you found at passes uniqueness test, you can use it for your Private Blog Networks site.

If you do not have access to you can use a free tool to check uniqueness of your contents

If an article contains above 400 words and passes Copyscape check (0 matches) then you can use the article for your PBN site for further safety you can twist the article little more, here is an example of good and useful content sample and here is a bad and not useful content sample:

This is the easiest and most economical method of getting contents for your Private Blog Network sites.

How to avoid footprints on Private Blog Network

It is very important to avoid all Personal Blog Network footprints because if your PBN gets detected, all your PBN sites will be de-indexed, then your PBN’s site will not pass the link juice to your money site.

Here is a list of footprints that should be avoided

  • Registrars
  • Registration Dates
  • Registration Emails
  • Ownership Details
  • Whois Privacy
  • Hosting/IP Address
  • WordPress Username
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Spun Content


It is very important that you use different registrars while registering your domains, try to use big registrars, they have good technical support and offer WhoIs privacy protection at free, here is a list of registrars that you can use.

  • GoDaddy
  • NameCheap
  • BlueHost
  • HostGator

Registration Dates

It is very important that you register your domain on different dates and on different registrars because registering a domain on the same date can be a big footprint and it can be avoided easily, this is also good practice to help prevent Private Blog Network detection. Try to register a domain by giving one week gap.

Ownership Details

Ownership details can be a big footprint, solution for avoiding this footprint is to use different emails and different names for registering domains, you can use to create fake names and different email addresses by using different email service provider to create email or you can buy verified email accounts from at a low price, after buying emails from the freelancers always remember to change password and security questions.

There is another solution some domain registrar provider offer free of cost and that is Whois privacy protection, you can use Whois privacy protection if it’s free or if your budget allows but remember to use a mix of both.

Domain Privacy: offers you the ability to completely mask your identity.

Fake Details: also offer you the ability to mask your identity

Combined: you have a network with no single recurring footprint.

How-to-avoid-footprints-on-Private-Blog-Network How to avoid footprints on Private Blog Network

Hosting & IP Addresses

Some big hosting companies offer you to mask your PBN network, however it can be expensive, and we also need different unique Class-C IP addresses so that each domain should be on different account with different Class-C IP address this can be achieved either by hosting domains on different host or you can use cheap hosts or big host according to your budget, you can also use reseller hosting accounts that offer this feature, people buy reseller hosting accounts for the purpose of re-selling hosting in small chunks to their customers, domain hosted on re-seller accounts helps in avoiding footprints because it gives the impression that domains bbelong to different customers.

WordPress Usernames

WordPress username can be a big footprint if it is not unique, many people make a mistake of using same username and password on all there PBN sites because it is easy to remember but this little mistake can cost you a lot, always use different username and emails ID’s for each WordPress install, you cans use to make fake names for your WordPress install.

Theme Footprints

There are thousands of themes available for WordPress some are free and some are paid you can use a mix of both, but always remember that you use unique themes on your Personal Blog Network, this will help to avoid footprints, ensure you make a note of the themes used on your PBNs for each domain for maintaining uniqueness

Plugin Footprints

Plugin can leave a big footprint on your Personal Blog Network if they are not handled properly, you should install random plugin on each PBN, few of the important plugins that you can install on your PBNs are Contact Form 7, easy contact form, Yoast SEO, all in one SEO,  broken link checker, social media plugins etc. There are many plugins which serve the same purpose like Yoast SEO plugin and all in one SEO plugin serves the same purpose but they are from different developers, always use plugins that have high ranking, you can check ranking of plugins in WordPress dashboard, you should also plugins comments and choose the best for your needs.

Spun Content

Spun contents is another big footprint in terms of duplicate contents by the spun contents it means you take contents from another website and twist the contents with the help of spinning software’s, you can use the spun text on your PBN’s but there is method to do it and we will be discussing it in more detail in another post. A manual review of your website by Google or your competitors means a high risk of your PBN site being discovered along with your money site, but if proper linking method is adopted for making inbound and outbound links on your money site, it is very difficult to discover your money site, read more information about linking at

How to make Backlinks

How to make links from PBN to money site

How to get Backlinks

The ultimate goal of any PBN is to make links from PBN to money site or main website and if linking done properly it will serve the purpose of pbns i.e. main website boost in search results, there has been lot said about how to make links from pbns to the main website, but we are going to explain methods which are working for us since long, according to our experience you should make maximum 3 links to the main website from a single post and sometimes make only one or two, mix them up it will look natural.

Here is the strategy

Make a link to your main website 1 to 3 times per post. Make one link to the main page like Make 1 to 2 links to the inner pages of your main website like and

Make to 1 to 2 links to other high authority websites like that are not direct competitors to your business this linking strategy will look natural.

Make 1 link to PBN’s other posts and pages.

All good websites make 1 to 2 links to high authority sites this is called outbound linking, 1 or 2 links to inner pages of the same website this is called inbound linking and most PBNs inject 1 to 3 links (as explained above ) at appropriate places to their money site.


How-to-make-links-from-PBN-to-money-site2 How to make Backlinks


Remember the following rules about the anchor texts of the backlinks:

  • Limit the exact match keyword anchor text to 5% maximum.
  • Use a lot of synonyms like if the keyword is “dogs collar”, you can use best dogs collars, Maud dog collars, Choosing collars etc.
  • Focus on using different types of naked URL links, e.g.,,,, or

In each article, you should make diverse links

E.g. there should be links of different types on your PBN  like there should be naked links (, there should be normal links like Dogs Collars, and there should be general links like (read more information about dogs collars by clicking here).

For naked and general links always remember that these type of links must be followed by some meaningful sentence and must be used at the appropriate place like if the paragraph is talking about hockey sticks and you want to make an inbound or outbound link from that paragraph you can make links like this

  • if you want to read more information about hockey sticks brands click here
  • Read more information about hockey sticks brands at or,, mix them up.
  • I found an interesting article about hockey sticks at, and I found it very useful and it may be useful to you in your research.

Sometimes people make intentional mistakes on their PBN’s to make PBN look natural like we can write mestake and other typing errors.

If you have taken your contents from some high authority site and you would like to give credits to that website you can write something like

References and Sources etc.

How to maintain and Create a PBN

With the introduction of WordPress, people started moving their sites to WordPress because it’s easy to use and maintain and anyone can use and learn it with little effort, it became the choice of bloggers and business  owners, now 30% sites on the web are using WordPress as choice for displaying their business on the internet. Many successful business owners are also using WordPress as a choice for building backlinks to their money sites to out beat their competitors, in this article we will be showing you how you can also use WordPress for link building and how you can avoid footprints.

Here are the steps we are going to explain in more detail:

  1. How to create Unique Email Addresses for each domain
  2. Register the Domain Name and attach the newly created email address
  3. Add newly purchased expired domain to the Hosting Account
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Adding random Theme & Plugins
  6. Creating essential pages
  7. Change Settings
  8. Tracking the PBN

1) How to create Unique Email Addresses for each domain

PBN creation cost money and time so it’s very important to avoid as many footprints as you can, registering domains with same owner name and with the same email is a big footprint, to avoid this footprint we need to create new email ID’s as you will be pretending that all domains belong to different persons, you can create new emails yourself or you can buy them at in bulk of 15-20 for only $5 which will save your time and hassle.

footprints How to maintain and Create a PBN

2) Register the Domain Name and attach the newly created email address

 After getting emails, search for good expired domain and register it, of course you will register your new domain with your credit card/paypal or any other method, so you might be thinking that if I am registering a new domain with my credit card and paying the company with my credit card or paypal account then that domain will be on my name so what is the need for creating new email ID’s but the truth is that you will be pretending as the manager of the site and its totally legal to buy domains on behalf of your customers.

The process is like this

You buy domain on behalf of your customer and after buying domain you will go to control panel and then domain management and there you will change domain profiles there is one shortcut also you can buy whois privacy which will hide domain ownership details but it will cost you little extra money, if still unclear you can contact me and I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

3) Add newly purchased expired domain to the Hosting Account

We have already covered how to purchase hosting from a cheap shared hosting provider and purchasing hosting from the service provider who offers C-class IP hosting, if you have not read it till now, you can read it at

Goto the hosting dashboard add the newly purchased domain to the hosting account, every hosting company have slightly different method of adding domain to the hosting account, after you add the domain to the hosting account you need to set the DNS (Domain Name Servers) , every domain registrar have different DNS, when you register domain, domain registrar usually send you an email which includes DNS settings along with another setting, please check that email and hopefully you will find DNS setting in the email, fill them up and now you are ready to install wordpress.

4) Install WordPress

Most hosting providers offer script installs via the cPanel. Most of the time they use Softaculous and sometimes Fantastico it’s easy and fast, if the hosting provider does not provide these methods then you have to manually install WordPress via FTP, this is a little bit tricky and time-consuming, you have to make database and download WordPress from and upload it through FTP.

network How to maintain and Create a PBN

5) Adding Theme & Plugins

Adding themes and plugin is easy but you have to be careful in selecting themes and plugin you need to install unique theme on every site, some PBN owner prefer to install full contents themes i.e. themes which display full contents on home page, they prefer this because they think it’s good for SEO and backlinking to money site.

There are few more consideration while installing plugins, every site should have the random plugin installed on it, few plugins that you must install on each domain are listed below

  1. SEO Yoast or Platinum SEO Pack or SEO Smart Links or SEO Ultimate or All in One SEO etc.
  2. Share Buttons by AddThis or Simple Share Buttons Adder or Social Media and Share Icons or Social Share Buttons by Supsystic or Sharify or Share Buttons etc
  3. Contact Form or Contact Form 7 or Fast Secure Contact Form or Clean and Simple Contact Form or Very Simple Contact Form or Contact Form by BestWebSoft etc.
  4. Bad Behavior or Brute Force Login Protection or Spider Blocker or Antispam Bee or Broken Link Checker or Advanced Invisible Anti-Spam etc.

In addition to above, every site should have unique username; you can add this to user section through dashboard.

One important thing is that you should make your site as legit as possible meaning that your site should look good and real. You can do all this yourself or hire VA through or through any other online hiring site, you can get cheap VA’s from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

6) Creating essential pages

Creating essential pages is a requirement from the Google and other search engines, here is a list of essential pages, which you can create through plugins and through online websites.

  1. About Us page ( you can create it manually)
  2. Contact Us page ( you can create it through plugins mentioned above)
  3. Privacy Policy Page ( You can create it through plugins or by a website that offers to create Privacy Policy and Terms of services free)
  4. Terms of Services – TOS (Privacy Policy Page ( You can create it through plugins or by a website that offers to create Privacy Policy and Terms of services free)

7) Change Settings

There few more settings you should do while setting PBN, these are listed below

  1. Block all comments manually or through plugins
  2. Stop pingbacks and trackbacks
  3. A mixture of permalink structures
  4. A mix of full and excerpt blog posts

8) Tracking

You should record each and every detail about your PBN like, Domain name, IP address and metrics, email, registrar and hosting details, Usernames and passwords, domain Expiry dates, outbound links, content dates, money site details.

You can make excel file or Google sheet to record all this information.